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Tango Echo Bravo Manufacturing
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Fixture Development

Fixture Development

Affordable and simple fixture design and development, process development and complete process prove out.

We develop simple and robust fixtures designed for easy and accurate operator load/unload which increases efficiency and reduces scrap, keeps development costs down, and equally as important - we meet our commitments and deliver on time.

Working as an open and communicative partner we meet with our customers, review existing (or future) processes and discuss areas for desired improvement. From developing simple fixture enhancements intended to reduce operator errors to complete fixture development and PPAP prove out.

As seen above, the majority of our proprietary fixturing developed for internal production work is conducted on full 4th axes trunnion tables. This provides [in most cases] a complete part with only one load/unload sequence even when working on all four sides of the work piece. Another benefit is the longer cycle time [for multiple complete parts] which reduces overall TAC time and yet provides operators with more time for inspection, finishing operations, or operating other machines.

  • We are familiar with Die-cast related complications I.e. Draft angles, pre-machining flash clearing, porosity issues, etc.
  • Maintain geometric tolerances through single cycle part completion
  • True Blueprint Datum work piece location
  • POKA YOKE (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poka-yoke) when possible
  • Complete process development- project infancy through PPAP
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