Tango Echo Bravo Manufacturing Inc. specializes in low to high production manufacturing processes and custom fixture development. Working together with a variety of suppliers we define manufacturing processes, design/develop fixturing, prototype, and refine the manufacturing & Quality control process. Combined with our low overhead operations, reliable and accurate machinery, and an undying commitment to maintaining quality and delivery commitments – we always satisfy our customers.

General Information:

  • Our CNC equipment: Our machines are fast, accurate and reliable, which insures competitive parts pricing, quality parts and on time deliveries with no excuses.
  • We ship quality, burr free parts, on time–every time
  • We are smart and work hard to try and find a better way to do everything. We believe that we are on a path of continuous improvement and have allied ourselves closely with competent and trustworthy associates whom assist us as required. If, and when we identify a better solution/process we pass the savings on to our customer.
  • We take great pride in the cleanliness of our facilities, equipment, and the quality of the products we produce. We understand that these are all vital [efficiency] components to providing our customers with quality customer service always

CNC Machining for Low/High Volume Production Capabilities

Custom Fixture Development

Specializing in Serving the Die Cast Industry

Industries Served





Auto Racing



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