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Tango Echo Bravo Manufacturing
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Low Volume Production
High Volume Production
Fixture Development

High Volume Production

With the benefit of in-house fixture development we can strategically determine the optimum method for the manufacture of our customers' high volume production needs. Each new work piece is evaluated for the degree of difficulty from a Quality perspective; the customers' desired delivery schedule, necessary finishing operations, and the customers' requirement for quality related documentation. We DO NOT charge Set up fees for process development, tooling, and workholding investments.

We provide:

  • First article part submission
  • Consistent process control
  • Detailed and accurate inspection data recording, hardcopy and electronic.
  • Flexible production schedules - 24/7 work week available.
  • Hard Gaging developed as necessary - including Laser technology.
  • CMM - Date time stamped inspection data.

We work closely with our customers to satisfy even the smallest concerns throughout the production period.

Progressive Trunnion "see thru" fixture - (6) complete parts per cycle. Load unload time 32 Seconds

Job Specific Fiber Optic Laser inspection gage with counter, pass/fail alarm and hard gage point surfaces.

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