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Tango Echo Bravo Manufacturing
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Low Volume Production
High Volume Production
Fixture Development

Short Run and Prototype Development

We have equipped all our machines with interchangeable fixturing, and common accessories such as rotary tables, trunnion plates, ball-lock sub-plates, tool breakage detection, etc. Recently acquired machines are equipped with on-board BLUM Laser work piece location probing/gauging.

We are experienced in setting up and running 1-10 pieces. Our diligence in making the first part correctly limits scrap levels.

The result:

  • Faster set-ups and more readily available machine time - any machine for any job.
  • Redundant machine capability for faster throughput of urgent customer needs.
  • Minimal scrap rate
  • Standardized - programs, tooling, and related processes

This provides our customers an opportunity to economically out source prototype and short run production with rapid turn around times.

Quick Change Ball Lock Trunnion Fixture

Sheffield Endeavor DCC CMM

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